Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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I bet
2/13/02 9:04 PM

there are alot of lucky CAH girls in the OK area. 

They are, and their families are fortunate to be referred to a  physician that isn't scalpel eager.  If you reread my message, it simply said that most urologists pushing these surgeries are male, not that all males inherently push surgery as the only choice.

Aimee, you are right in that Money is a psychologist, not a urologist.  That was a major typo on my part and should have read, "...most notably by male doctors, notably John Money" 

Fact is, most surgical research prior to those rebuffing the out-dated protocol of infant surgery has been by males.  Current research, which is mostly re-examining the out-dated protocol, is being done mostly by women. 

I think it's important for you to remember the distinction between endos and urologists.  The endo will only recommend or not recommend, but when it finally comes down to surgery, it is the urologisit that holds the scalpel over a child's genitals.  The endo is primarily concerned with numbers and chems.  In fact, I am surprised that an adult endo is even doing genital exams, unless he is doubling up as a gynecologist for you.


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