Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: re: my experience
Oct. 14th, 2003   11:15am

Anna, I read with interest the post concerning your sonís surgery.  My grandson, who is now 7 years old, had surgery for hypospadias and chordee when he was 9 months old.  He recovered from the surgery without any problems and his genitals have the appearance of any little boy..  I agree his parents made the right decision.  I think it would be very damaging  psychologically to a boy in his formative years,  if his genitals looked different and he would not be able to stand up to urinate. I am sure every parent agonizes over what is best for their child.  My grandson does not have CAH, although he is a carrier.  His sister has NCCAH.    

Teri M

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