Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Debbie re: your experience
Oct. 14th, 2003   9:44pm

I can understand your point of view on extra body hair, weight gain, as a women, and weíve all had times where the super models on the magazines make us want to hurl, lol.. but try to remember along with the downsides there are joys, blessings to be thankfull for.. I dont see the extra hair on my son as an ugly thing but more a unique quality all his own, he can say "Im as hairy as daddy" look mom Im all grown up, :D  for behind all those hairs, he is here with me, I tuck him in at night, hear his "I love youís" throughout the day. Think of them as little reminders that for every hair, for every extra pound, your baby girl is there to wear it proudly.  Im sure I have only delt with it so non schalant because I do have a boy and there allowed to be hairy i guess.. but at any rate I can understand about the other physical traits of CAH being constant reminders to a beautiful girl. Itís our challenge to keep them here to count the hairs :) 

We can also be thankful that protesting at hospitals will get about the same response as itís gotten here.. Because there are parents out there that will stand up for the decisions they have made regardless of who was hurt in the past and out for justice...  Also interesting reading.. at the cares foundation

 (top of page to the right) little red box with the text "Cares Foundation families in the news" if you click there and are taken to another page with links,, go ahead click on the second link thats says "Sheís Worth It" and read that story... an interesting statement is made regarding this women Kaye and her battle to understand and learn from the internet, and what she was faced with.... 

"Kaye turned to the internet to learn more about the disorder that affected her child. She said she found some good internet sites, but she also found sites that criticized parents who performed genital surgery on infants, some likening it to mutilation. "


You have to wonder.. Has Kaye been here!?!


Thanks for sharing your story with us :)

may there always be hairs to count


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