Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: I like being called a radical
Oct. 15th, 2003   9:33am

"Many posters have claimed that the mere sharing of information here is harassment and intimidating, or worse, gives the parents guilt.  Guilt can only come from your own heart, folks.  If you are so sure that surgery is the proper route, then any guilt you have manifests itself from within when hear the other side."

No Betsy, what I am reading from most of the posts is that they / we are encouraging you to share information. . .saying that you have a lot of GOOD information that they / we feel you need to share but by using these other tactics you are clouding how good the actual factual information could be.  Your information can stand on itís own merit, why do you feel the need to use the tactics that you do?  Admittedly, you have gotten much better. . .Iím speaking from a year or so ago and I think that most that have been posting here for a while will also agree.

I know that your life is based on this victim stance that you have taken but what I need for you to HEAR is that just because some of these parents on this site do not agree with your view or your tactics does not mean that want you to stop speaking the FACTS. . . please do not take these attempts to give you advice on how to get your message across as a personal attack.  You are not always a victim. 


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