Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Surgery always an option
Oct. 16th, 2003   9:00pm
I know we all come out here and get really bent out of shape about the tactics of some trying to get their point across but we all have to remember that this is a very small group of individuals that the medical community is probably fascinated by and really gives them no merit.  The majority of parents of kids with CAH don’t frequent this message board nor do the adults with this disease so the message Betsy and her group is trying to get out is only to a very small group.  I doubt all the energy that has been spent by this group trying to change medical protocol will amount to much of anything in the end.  I have spoken with some very good doctors about what some of this group is attempting to do and the opinion I got was they would never succeed.  Ultimately we as parents have to do what is right for our kids, I think if Betsy was a mom she would be more understanding then what she is toward the parents here.  I’m a parent and I also have CAH so I can understand both sides here, only I know what is right for my girls and I only need to trust my own judgment.

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