Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: re: The term intersexed has lost its meaning to me now.
Dec. 21st, 2003   7:55pm

Dear Ian,

Awesome post! Very informative and from the heart. You never hear about guys experiences with CAH at all like how you wrote. Youíre not supposed to shut up because we all have been silent for way to long. You are most definitely not an outsider or insignificant at all. I donít know how helpful the Intersex community is anyway in regard to CAH. I have more faith in someone in a lab coat coming up with a new cortisol drug that will be better than the ones that are out there now.

Sex hormones out of whack? I can relate to that even though my blood levels have always been very well managed but it still isnít like someone that doesnít have problem in this area. Not only to manage the sex hormones but the cortisol also helps us manage physical stress. Last night, I was at the ocean and I hadnít been feeling well all day. I threw up three different times with each time taking more cortisol then I ran out of it. Itís not like we make the stuff ourselves : ) so now I was stuck and had to make it home or turn into a ER whichever came first.

There are some people that have intersex conditions that are also trans- sexuals. Intersex Portland is a web page to do a search for. The personís name is Emi and she doesnít CAH but anyway I thought she made some great points. Trans-sexuals should be included too as far as Iím concerned. We are talking about hormonal stuff here and they belong at the party. Iíve worked with trans-sexuals that were women at one time but psychologically they were wired to be men and took the steps to do it.

The medical definition of Intersex should include them also, if they as a group want it. I mean hey why not? I used to know the medical definition of intersex but it has been awhile. In a nut- shell, external and/or internal genitals that donít match chromosomes or something like that. Itís on the John Hopkins site or the Intersex Society of America site somewhere anyway. In the medical context, I can understand the need for the word intersex. It does describe genitals that donít look like one or the other and characteristics that you described in your post Ian but when the word is used with all these groups, Iím sorry but I donít find the value of it and things are just muddled up and we are used for the purpose of some sort of agenda. I want medical advances in CAH so I can feel better and respectfully I donít think some sociologist or psychologist can help me with that but Iím useful for them to study and have a cause over.

I take what I want from both genders and I have a ball with it but Iím on the female side of the coin and I think it might be helpful if words like Intersex were done away with completely because it seems like it is a hurtful and misunderstood word for many people. Instead call all the Intersex conditions by what they are CAH, AIS, PAIS and well to many conditions to list but start helping helping people feel better physically and psychologically. I went from being call a hermaphrodite to a pseudo- hermaphrodite and now Intersex. Iím darn cute just the same and I feel that the labels Sweet-cheeks and Sunshine are just as appropriate. 

The pseudo- hermaphroditism was caused by the excessive androgens and not everyone that has CAH as androgens to that extent and it would been wrong to say pseudo-hermaphroditism or Intersex is a characteristic of every case of CAH. So, I would like to see labels that donít help us just done away with.  

I agree that there is so much focus on the genitals that itís laughable. Itís much more than that and it isnít fair that you feel like an outsider. Iím so glad that you posted because you gave me an education tonight.

Thank you,



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