Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Jul. 16th, 2004   11:56pm

Those who believe homosexuality is as simple as a choice need to reflect on how difficult it would be to change who they are naturally. 

That would be based on a limited understanding of exactly how much of what we are is in our control. What people might think are things completely outside their control, may simply be something they’ve never tried to control, especially in the right way, understanding all of the causes.

Why is it people are so afraid of others who are not exactly like them? 

Who said anything about being afraid? Acknowledging that a behavior is a choice and not genetic is simple logic and has nothing at all to do with fear.

Whether it is religion, ignorance or sheer hatred drives others to protest this fact,

Your bigotry is showing again. You seem to be incapable of comprehending that people can view homosexuality as a choice, based on positive motives.

 they should consider that if things were reversed, and they were constantly told by society that they were choosing sin and going to hell, how scared, lonely and desperate they would feel. 

But we are constantly told by society that what we see as plain logic is "hate mongering" or "homophobia" or "latent homosexuality" or any of numerous vile accusations. Can you name one positive character portrayed on television that espouses the viewpoint that homosexuality is a choice? You can’t because anytime such a character is portrayed it’s as a horrible, evil person. Choosing to engage in homosexual behavior is wrong, yes, but so is choosing to smoke cigarettes, so is choosing to exceed the speed limit. Claiming that we are constantly telling homosexuals that they are going to hell is a red herring, because only extremist morons do that. If you actually find that happening on a regular basis then you need to find a new crowd to hang around with, because I rarely hear that, and I generally hang around a fairly Conservative Christian crowd.

Danny Carlton

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