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Jul. 19th, 2004   6:55am

I fear for your children.  Your views are very narrow. 

Oddly enough so are almost everyoneís views --including yours. you seem to be incapable of accepting the idea that someone could find homosexual behavior wrong, without harboring hatred toward those who practice it. That is not only an extremely narrow view, but a false one as well.

 The Bible is a collections of stories and parables, not to be taken literally. 

Another narrow and false view.

Each book contradicts each other. 

Yet try as they might, Atheists can never seem to prove this false contention.

 It almost begs you not to take it literally.  

Not me. I find it enlightening, encouraging and uplifting, accurate and reliable.

 In the same part of leviticus where it calls homosexuality a sin, it also condems" do not cut the hair at the sides of your head ....or" do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material"...

Those who bother to read it note the difference between laws of hygiene, laws of morality and laws of symbolic separation. The latter two away with by Jesus work. But then to make sure we understood that, the admonition against homosexual behavior is reconfirmed in Paulís letter to the Romans.

Gee Danny, judging by your picture you have sinned!  You canít have it both ways.  Either all of Leviticus is sinful or none.

No, you simply havenít bothered reading it beyond the "talking points" youíve gleaned from Atheists sources. Go read the Bible itself to find what it says.

I support everyoneís faith and believe that we are all children of God. 

Most religions are mutually exclusive, so "supporting everyoneís faith" is impossible unless you mean their right to follow their faith, which youíve demonstrated that you donít support.

But to say that the gay population, 10% of all human being (thatís 1/10 people) are gay be choice is so ignorant and misleading. 

LOL, actually to use Kinsey disproven numbers (10%) when itís been soundly proven that only 1-2% of the population is actually homosexual, would be demonstrating ignorance as well as being misleading.

Danny Iím sure your faith has been able to get you through the difficult times in your life.  But to contribute to hatred, discrimination and alienation of the gay community is difficult for those in it.

There you go again equating the view of homosexuality as immoral with hatred. It doesnít seem to get through top you that such an accusation is a display of bigotry?

  The suicide rate of gay youth is almost 10 times higher because the world is filled with small minded people like you who preach  they are is disgusting and sinful. 

No, itís high because people like you convince them that if they have normal curiosity, itís a sign that theyíll be miserable if they donít embrace homosexuality. Puberty is confusing enough without adding to the confusing by convincing kids they are predetermined to lead a certain life -- and have no choice in the matter.

Try to be more open minded.  You would think that after generations of discrimination, parents would teach their kids that everyone was created equally and deserves equal rights. 

Yes, we all deserve the right to know the truth -- that we have a choice, we arenít slaves to hormones.

Danny Carlton

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