Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: re: re: re: re: sexual orientation in CAH
Jul. 19th, 2004   9:03am

The danger is in the idea that one can be "hard wired" to perform certain behaviors. During puberty the new hormones change both the mind and the body and the reactions can be odd and confusing. To leave a kid thinking that sexual arousal out of what’s considered normal is a sign that they are genetically predisposed to being a homosexual is frightening.

Also it seems you are confusing gender identity with sexual preference. In kids that small (contrary to what Kinsey’s pedophiles claimed) there is no sexuality or eroticism. They are still building their self-identity and a major part of that is their gender identity. There are admirable and even enviable things about either gender, but in the end there is a difference physically, mentally and socially. As humans we value our ability to choose, but we have to learn that every choice is a limitation. To choose one thing, more often than not, is a choice to not choose something else. If I choose to spend Christmas in Dallas, I have chosen to not spend Christmas in Tulsa, Little Rock, LA, New York, Chicago, so on and so forth. Quite a few masculine attributes (choices) are mutually exclusive of feminine attributes (choices), and one cannot choose both. But a mutually exclusive difference, in this case, does not mean one is good and one is bad or even that one is better than the other, other than the obvious fact that a child growing to prefer the opposite gender identity will encounter some sever problems eventually. But in the case of a child, seeing the two role models of mother and father, each representing a separate gender identity, it can be confusing. Their natural instinct is to emulate, but if there is no positive foundation of gender identity (because of either a negative image from one parent or a lack of emphasis that such a distinction should be made) they may attempt to please each parent by emulation. To take that childish ambivalence and build a framework of obligatory behavior is how to ensure either a very confused teenager, or one who assumes he has no choice in his behavior.

Danny Carlton

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