Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Jul. 20th, 2004   11:52pm

I think the point needs to be made that no matter what our backround, what profession we have, we are human first.  My brother grew up with a classmate whose face was severly disfigured from birth.  I watched as other parents shunned her, talk their kids to be afraid of her, and so on.  I was fortunate to have a parent that taught me no matter who we are, we deserve the same respect and status of everyone else.  This child was remarkably strong, and despite the constant surgeries and stares from others, she was a straight A student, held a cashiers job in high school, was a camp counsellor, and went on to university.  Her parents always told her she could do anything she wanted.  And she did.

I say this because as ignorance brews intolerance, we as a society forget what is means to be human.  Whether or not you believe my conclusions regarding sexual orientation is obviously a personal choice one makes.  Many people "believed" the earth was flat for quite so time too.  I can only tell you that the brain is one of the most fascinating yet difficult areas to study.   The complexity is remarkable.  We can suggest our findings, review the research, look at the facts, and propose the discoveries made.  To require a pinpoint conclusion in medicine is rare, as I sure you all know "medicine is not an exact science", particularily when it comes to the human brain. 

Just remember, if your descision is to perceive that a "choice" can be made " and we are not a slave to our hormones...Danny" ask yourself this:

By saying this, are you preaching a demand for others to change?  Can you accept a society in which all are treated equal?  If your child came to you and said he/she were gay, would you want to "change" them?  Would you still love them if they couldn’t change?

Many parents have abandoned such children.  They wind up in shelters and on the street.  Others instill in their children to be wary of those unlike them.

The decision to discrminate breeds.....but that my friend is a choice you do make.


Dr. S.G


Dr. S.G

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