Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Jul. 21st, 2004   7:10am

"Be real. If you can"  I would take your opinion a little more serious if you didnít hide behind anonymous.

Few people here are posting under their complete name.

  If you canít understand what the DOCTOR is saying...thatís your problem. 

I would say the problem is not understanding what "Dr. S.G." is saying but understadning it all too well. She is treating her personal theories as if they are proven medical facts.

NO ONE can say for SURE how or why a person is gay. 

"Dr.S.G." is claiming to.

 There have been studies on the brain & sexuality that can suggest possibilities. 

Possibilities, but the problem is the good "doctor" is leaping over "possibiliies" and assuming facts without any semblance to empirical support.

Obviusly you have never gone to college & had to do research paper.  If you had you would know that all you can say is "probably...maybe...needs more study"  To say that something is 100% the cause, takes many many many studies.

Would you apply the same reasoning to "Dr. S.G.í"s posts? Sheís done the exact same thing. Although in all honesty, I donít find "anonymous"ís post to be making baseless claims.

Danny Carlton

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