Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Corrective surgery
Aug. 29th, 2004   10:35am

On the main board there has been a recent thread about genital corrective surgery. As I read some of the responses I cringed inside. Why do statements like these make me cringe so much??


I am happy I did it”.


“My daughter’s genitals now look like a typical female set of genitals…I never regret having it done”.


I know it is a complex issue (I have thought about it a lot, as I also have CAH) but this is not like having hernia surgery or even cleft lip surgery (although a good surgical cosmetic outcome is very important here).


This is surgery where the effects impinge on ones life for the rest of ones days  (70 -80 years) - namely ability to achieve a satisfactory orgasm. If done for solely cosmetic reasons this surgery has pretty high stakes.


In both of these above statements it is not the “I” who quoted them who has to ‘live with’ the longterm outcomes regarding ability to orgasm – it is the child who WILL grow into an adult who has had it done to them.


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