Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: Corrective surgery
Aug. 29th, 2004   12:14pm
 I should rephrase my Statement to read..... I am HAPPY I CHOSE to have the neccessary surgery performed on my GRANDDAUGHTER! Donít know about the Typical female genitals issue as I donít go around and compare womens vaginaís as to what would be typical or not ??? Nor does anyone else I know........except maybe Drs. and clinical research interns!!! As far as my granddaughter or anyone else having an orgasm......... I can only hope that she is indeed blessed with a satifying sex life . More importantly that she finds a loving mate that will be with her through life and support any efforts she pursues in life. As we continue to compare the apples and oranges in life ... keep in mind that the one size fits all T shirts donít always work either. My statements pertaining to my Granddaughter are posted to give others an opinion as to what worked for us! Choosing surgery for medical reasons! Personally... I wish her Mother were alive to make these choices ....but this was not the case. I have taken the role to raise my Granddaughter and I am doing the best I can in a very strange and unaccepting world of CAH. It seems that no matter what you do to help these children... SOMEONE will be offended or hurt. I ty to be sensitive to all and none of my posts are  perfect and they are for others to see what worked for them. This is all. I will reiterate that the CHIOCE I made for my Granddaughter was for medical reasons/ and possible cosmetic?? I wasnít in the operating room. I am HAPPY I did it as she does not cry when she peeís now and she has no urinary tract infections and I BELIEVE she will have  a rewarding and satisfying sex life. Would I do it AGAIN ? YOU BET YOU SWEET  BIPPEE I WOULD! Remember the old sayong Donít judge a man until you walk a mile in his moccasins? As parents we are doing what WE feel is in the best interest for our children! as PARENTS WE will continue to do so! AS PARENTS WE will not let our main focus in our childrens life  be............. will they be able to have an orgasm in life. I wish life was so easy OR DIFFICULT depending on the the person. Some roles in life are not chosen ,but given to us as a gift. Enjoy them and grow. Sincerely Cherry Lane 

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