Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: re: Anyone regrets NOT having surgery early?
Aug. 30th, 2004   10:46am
 I was waiting for you to post........KNOWING you would. Do you have children? I think that your continuation of assuming that all thses surgeries WILL indeed leave these children sexually impaired is the biggest COP OUT that one can grasp. Betsy. this is your cause and I admire the passion that you have for fighting for YOUR CAUSE and OPINION and STATISTICS. But you speak with forked tongue when it all comes out. IF the records show that most of the surgeries are done for cosmetic reasons and money and you feel the good DRs. are lying to us to mutilate our children. Where are YOUR records coming from that proves the surgeries are NOT a success? If  studies on theses surgeries are not going to yield true results in sexual function until twenty or thirty years? How and who did the research on the vaginaís that show that there is scar tissue and sexual impairment? Self examinations and in put to your studies? Lets be REAL here for some women it is hard to have an orgasm without any CAH or surgeries. Who do we blame for this ............ GOD ? Our spouse? our boyfriend/ or girlfriend? Ourselves/or better yet our parents DUH ? they should have known. IN the world of parenting we are left to the scrutiny of a very judgmental society on everything from allowances to clothes to schools we choose for our children. WE CHOOSE!!! This is the reason we are called the parent and have complete control on the decision making for our children. I would hate to think that when my child reached puberty or young adulthood to be sexually active . She would have a decision to make as debateful as this . What sort of person would do this to ther child? MMMMM Lets see honey if you want to have sex  go get your booty fixed? NO I donít think this is  condusive to the best interest of MY child. MMMMMM lets see Oh! Honey the bullies donít mean it when they are laughing at you and spreading terrible rumors through the school that you are DIFFERENT DOWN THERE! Remove the bullies from the school LOL what century  are you living in ... we canít get them to stop kids from carrying GUNS to school and blowing there peers to bits. Yea I am sure the school board will be VERY sensitive to a mother coming in saying her little Susie is being teased because her vagina is different.. would you mind removing the teasers from the school so my Susie can walk down the hallway with out a snicker or a gross comment about her genitals. I will make this a public forum at the next PTA meeting so the parents can whisper behind her back also. BOTTOM LINE MOST VAGINAS FUNCTION AND LOOK A CERTAIN WAY! IF THEY DONíT THEN YOU ARE FOREVER DIFFERENT IN THE WORLD OF YOUR PEERS AND SOCIETY. Sorry this is the facts as we live them TODAY. Is it right NO!Can we change it .... you are doing the best you can with education. BUt you are continuing to swim upstream and meet resistance  as MY child would. I hope and pray that there will be a world of acceptance of all genders/  sexual preferance/ NORMAL ? / deformed vaginaís and most of all peace and understanding of all causes. BUT...... REALITY  in TODAYS world and the next 50 plus years leads me to think this will not happen overnight. I agree with your researching anything medical when it comes to our children and I think most parents try to do this. I have raised children and I am starting second time around . I know how the  teenagers treat children who are different. My son was ridiculed over and over because of A.D.D and learning disabilities. I canít imagine leaving my Granddaughter open for the wolfs to tear her self esteem down,that we have tried to build for them in the early years on. I caní seem to understand WHY you feel so strongly against the decision making we make for our children. Where are your statistics showing we are WRONG for doing this? Have enough grown children come to you and expressed there displeasure?  If so why canít they go to the doctor and let them voice an opinion to how sexual functional they are so we can use the statistics for OUR research to HONESTLY weigh the pros and cons of this. AN apple is an apple and an orange is a orange............ there are tart ones and sweet ones but they are what they are! Sincerely cherry Lane
Cherry Lane

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