Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: Anyone regrets NOT having surgery early?
Aug. 30th, 2004   11:32am
 WHEW where are your going with THIS ONE? Asking a mentally impaired child if they would rather be normal or aborted. What in Godís green earth does mental retardation and  abortion have in common? If a MOTHER is pregnant with a child is it HER body that she chooses to do something with or is it the childs body that just has to suffer the consequences.  Since you claim your bodie is your own!!IN REALITY if you ask someone carrying a deformed / Mental retarded/ or severely crippled with the numerous diseaseís in the world.... You canít tell me a parent would not wish this is not happening to heror her child. For this parent is burdened for the rest of there life with the hardships of the financial and medical world... not too mention the labor of love. DUH? NO I like my life this way and I REALLY enjoy watching this little being struggle day to day. Of course we would choose option A which to wish it wsnít happening... then there is option B accept what you have been given and bite the bullet and suffer for many years of anguish and die wondering how this little being is going to make it with out you. This is a nice Hell on earth. Option C would be a CHOICE about your body and life with no bearing of the child you ar are carrying and abort. LIve with the stigma that you are murderer and self asorbed person and you are going to burn in hell for the life you enjoyed today. You cannot alter the facts they are what they are. Most people would not be honest with what they would do if given the choice because thay are not aware of the obstacles they face. Mental retardation and Abortion do not belong in the same sentence. A child is a child and the parent is the parent. You do what you have to do to appease your own morals on this issue. Thank God I never have to make this choice. I canít compare  orgasms during sex to a child sentenced to prison in his own mind and drooling and [expletive deleted]ting himself when he is 20. Sorry It just donít compare in the grand scheme of life! Cherry  
Cherry Lane

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