Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: Anyone regrets NOT having surgery early?
Aug. 30th, 2004   12:05pm

Cowardly & a cop out...both of those are posted in reply to my post.  Sorry Betsy, I think not.

  You can feel that I have done wrong, that is your right.  I have done the best for my child....  You can say what you want & you can find research to back you up.  I can find research to back up my decision & I can also remeber the phone calls I had with women prior to my decision who stated they where happy with THEIR surgery & they were able to have satisfying sex lives, achieve orgasm & were fine with it.  The teasing I mentioned, was an example of one of the many things we thought of when thinking about surgery.   That was not THE reason for the surgery.  You are not in my shoes, so how dare you judge me as being a coward!  I did not just go along with the doctors, I talked, I asked questions, I got second & third opinions.....Once we decided to do this & got a surgeon...I talked to Patients...Those who were sexually active said they had no problems with orgasm or sexual relations.  I talked to everyone & anyone who I could find then went home and made the BEST decision I could for my child.  She will know of the surgery, she will know how & why we chose to do this now...Jess


Jessica K

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