Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: re: abortions?
Sep. 4th, 2004   7:16pm

As far as botched surgeries go, yes this is something to consider, but as far as I am concerned (I havenít had to make the decision myself thank god - I have a little boy) the chance of having a surgery boo boo is possible with any type of surgery. No matter if itís a life saving emergency surgery or a purly cosmetic one (boob job, face lift, etc...) there is always the chance of a mistake being made or the chance that the results are less than desired. I know that if I have a little girl who has ambiguous genitalia, I will have the surgery for her. My boyfriend has an artificial leg. He was born with one leg shorter than the other and had to undergo several surgeries for it in his early teen years. He has the memory of these surgeries, the pain, the being stuck in hospital, and the memories of teasing at school. If I can spare my child any of that pain, I know I will. Itís great to say suspend the bullies/teasers from school, but as mentioned before - good luck. They canít even get the ones who are violent, not just verbal out of the schools most of the time. I know that if/when the time comes for me to make this decision of surgery or not for my baby girl, I will still have many doubts about long term effects on her due to my decision, and I will have to sit and think it over a lot. Itís one thing to say now that I would do it, but when/if Iím actually in the situation will be a bit different. However, I will make my decision based on experience, knowledge of the subject, and of course - what I feel will be best for my baby long term.

I know itís a bit different, but we all make choices for our children every day that will affect them long term. When parents split up, when we send tham to public instead of private school (or vica versa), when we feed them meat, or choose to feed them vegetarian. All of these things affect them... this is just another choice that we as parents have to make. A bit more serious, but still....


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