Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: re: Tomboys scare me
Sep. 19th, 2004   6:28pm
This labeling bugs me too.  It seems like someone is always looking for something. . . for instance every now and then weíll have someone post something like "My child laughs really really LOUD do you think itís because of CAH?" Okay, Iím being sarcastic but you know what I mean.  I was raised primarily by my father, Iím a tomboy, he didnít do anything one way or the other to encourage or discourage. . . I just always thought that toys that DID things were more fun than other dollish toys.  I  donít have CAH . . . I am getting ready to have my second child, another daughter and am wondering what she will be like. . . my first likes dress up and dolls and trucks and hot wheels and putting on mommyís makeup and tucking her trucks into bed with her. . . she has SWCAH.  My next daughter is a carrier but not affected. . . weíll see.  People are just people with likes and dislikes - when I read articles and studies etc. . . sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes it makes me furious.

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