Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Sep. 19th, 2004   6:38pm


WOW!  You must email me a picture of you in your new skirt with your burgandy hair and pink nails.  :)  My girls both have cah, one virilized at birth, the other not, because I took dex.  I have ALWAYS had a problem with stereotypes of anyone and this was long before I knew about CAH.  My daughters are little girls who love to do EVERYTHING!  My olest daughter wants to be a cop (nothing to do with CAH - her hero and daddy is a cop) and our youngest wants to be a doctor.  They like sports, they like make-up, dress up and nail polish (ask their grandma who was their latest "extreme makeover" victim), Barbies, dolls, excavating my back yard (donít ask!), they like to be good friends, good students and honest people.  I hate to read an article full of labels because it honestly means nothing.  I think you , Aimee and AND, are being who you are which is the most wonderful thing.  I wish more people would just be themselves, CAH or not.  I also hope that more and more parents are ignoring what doctors say about the intersex issue and raising their children on gut instinct, without shame, without guilt and without preconceived notions about how they should be or what they should be smart in or do well in.  Unfortunately, I have to quote the Spice Girls here and say "GIRL POWER" and to me (and what I am trying to teach my girls) that means- who cares what is "supposed" to be or what is "cool" or what "popular" means, find the things that you honestly like to do and find out who you are and be proud of it!  I wish you all the most blessings!



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