Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Sep. 19th, 2004   7:00pm

How great to read these comments which I agree with!  I went to a meeting once which had a psycologist doing a long speech about some study that she had done regarding CAH girls and their preference to boysí toys due to excess androgens, therefore, more tom-boyish.  It made us angry that our kids are grouped as such just because they have CAH.  My CAH daughter (like Elizabeth says) likes to play with her brotherís toys because she finds them more interesting than dolls which donít do much.  She was never a dolly sort of little girl.  It doesnít bother me that she likes playing with lego and building houses/hospitals/restaurants, etc, with the bricks (sheís quite good at this!).  I think she tends to find her brotherís toys do more: his trains go around the tracks, his cars can race very fast.   She doesnít like soccer, doesnít like climbing trees and doesnít get into fights (in fact, sheís always been quite sensitive).  She likes "girly" things like fairies.  Her bedroom is decorated in a girly colour with fairies on the walls.  She would hate to have a typical "boysí " room.

Our neighbours daughter (non CAH) was more of a tom-boy: she enjoyed playing soccer, etc.  So I donít understand why this personís study "proved" CAH girls are tom-boys.  As a child, (Iím not CAH affected), I used to love playing with my dolls and prams one day, the next day, I would be playing cars and shooting my cowboy guns with my sisters!  It never did us any harm.  We all grew up very normal and Iím sure my CAH child will also be fine whether she plays with boys toys or girls toys!


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