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I never played with GI JOE Main Archives Page2004
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I never played with GI JOE
Sep. 19th, 2004   7:59pm
I never played with GI Joe and my cousinís Star Wars toys space ships, matchbox cars and such never held any interest for me. Yes, I could build a mean Lincoln Log Palace but thatís where my dolls went but I didnít have the patience for the Legos. I had Barbieís cousin Skipper does anyone remember her? Gosh,Iím really old ! That doll would be worth some money today! I also had a Shirley Temple Doll that was the neatest thing and I also had a cap gun that was fun but I also remember my little girlfriend (NOT cah) having one also. OK, what about Slinky and Silly Putty? What gender are those ? Iím silly and a little cracked. And we are suppose to be good at MATH? Nobody told me this!

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