Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: re: Aimee..only $50 bucks? Heck itís rare, go for $500!!!
Sep. 20th, 2004   9:40am

Dear Jessica K.,

I wasnít kidding about the money because I was there to serve their curiosity and to teach them. By the next visit, it was either one new resident or for a treat a gang. I wanted money for being put into service for them. A little kid shoundnít have a strange people over and over checking out the surgery that was done to them. If their was a problem like an infection of course you may look but to chart the pubic hair growth and to pull everything apart like they did , well no.

I realize you will never understand the anger over having people view your genitals as being something as one parent put it to me in an email "ewww gross" or as a nurse told me "ambiguous genitals look weird." For me itís put your $50.00 on the table and step up and take your look because you will will get more money from quanity of people that want to take a gander. Like my one friend from Columbia that is a doctor told me that with "something that they think is different they all come running."  $500 is a little steep for those in training and anyway they got me for a bargain because I was free.

I look at it this way, you did your surgery ...when are you going to stop treating me like a novelty item? and looking for things like "Oh my gosh!, she got her oil changed ! must be male orientated!" Whatever, It just makes me mad that even as an adult I must still tell them about CAH but itís the surgeries that they want to hear about, not the medical reasons behind it and that satisfies their curiosity and times up and they donít do tests or ask you question that could save your life about CAH (need cortisone before surgery or with illness and so my adrenal gland can function during the day) or other things (like cancer) because you are a novelty item that they wanted to quiz about some article or study that they read about intersex and/or CAH and I donít even find myself in those articles. Iím messed up, no harm in your post----I felt bad because I realized later that you might be a nurse and I do like the medical profession even with all that Iíve gone through but it makes me frustrated that they only have certain type of studies to draw from.

I donít know if this came out the way it was intended by I hope it did.




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