Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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You are right
Sep. 20th, 2004   11:56am

Yes Aimee, I am a nurse.  I guess in a way that has actually made it better for my daughter because I worked with the Endo nurse for 2 years before she went to work for the Endo.  I worked in the pediatric clinic as the RN for her pediatricians group for a few years before going back to school  & her Endo is in that same building, so he has known me for a long time as well.   I know the people, I know who to take my girls to & who I wont let treat my DOG!  I guess that helps, b/c I had knowledge of these peoples ability prior to having to really need them.  Also, itís not a teaching hospital, so there are no residents running through all the time. 

I am also lucky because since my daughter was born there have been 2 other girls born like her in our area.  Both times the nursery MD talked to the parents & then called me.  I then went down to the hospital & cried, held, talked to & exchanged numbers with the parents.  Letting them know that while this was a shock, itís ok.  So, after all this rambling I guess what I have to say is we are pretty lucky to have the doctors we do.


Jessica K

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