Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: Aimee
Sep. 20th, 2004   1:08pm

 God what would I do without your input! You are so vocal in your feelings of how you were/are treated that I am going to the end of the earth to make sure that no one pokes or prods my granddaughter. These experts on behavior of children are SOOOOOOO far out of tune with kids that if they had one they would have to turn it upside down to see how it worked. I was the biggest TOMBOY in the 50ís and the sassiest  Disco queen in the 70ís and  I am the Miss Bea of Grandmaís. Well kind of..... my daughter describes me  of a mix of Aunt Bea and Courney Love. LOL Nice mix!! Most of all I am just me................... I like who I am and all that I have accomplished in life. To hear the experts talk  I should be in some institution drooling pudding down my chim because of depression and sexual abuse as a child and Drunks for parents and all the trauma in my life from husband #1 being killed too doing drugs in the 70ís. I am who I am and I fight the stereotype that people lay on people that need or choose to get mental health to sort things out. What  they do is they put a big RED flag on your medical chart that says CRAZY. I am not crazy ....... I am healthy enough to know that I need some things sorted in this crazy world. I personally think the medical profession is the biggest bogus business/second to the Goverment. But .. this is all we have and we use it the to help ourselves and our children. I donít agree with studies and learning /teaching hospitals. Find your statistics another way. Children are not chimps and for anyone to treat them as such will hopefully pay for it much later. These parasites prey on the uneducated and poor to  gather there sources for study (not that you fit in this category) How to change this world/profession from placing labels on our children. I am a witch and I am bold in asking to see medical notes and charts.  I have been known to throw fits.... COUGH COUGH but after all I am crazy ! LOL I still have my Skipper doll and Barbies from the sixties. My daughter played with them and now my  CAH Granddaughter plays with them. She does have a big yellow TONKA truck instead of the pink Barbie car. WHOAAAAAAAAAAA? Should I be SCARED.I feel I must use humor on some of the issues or I would explode with anger.  I do appreciate the honest and forth coming opinions on this board ....... as I feel the truth is before us in this media much more than anywhere else. Maybe in time and with enough voices the medical community will learn that bedside manner can speak volumes and to not treat someones child anyway you would not want yours treated . Sincerely Cherry


Cherry Lane

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