Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Sep. 27th, 2004   9:48pm


Tomboys do scare me but I read that by the experts that Iím supposed to be more male orientated like them and quite honestly when I run across a pack of them my stomach does a nervous flip-flop. I actually think they have it so together and Iím a rather goofy flake. Like today, I saw some Coach purses and they were sweet and I MUST have one but the researchers arenít interested in that part of us and they only want to write down that your baby girl with CAH will be male orientated and they NEVER address any of the female side that we Do have. If I was a parent that read stuff like that I would be like, "What the ____?"    

I wasnít saying Tomboys scare me in a derogatory way but  they do frighten me. Itís like they might gang up and jump me ---women are mean (lol) they really they are. You wouldnít want to get into a bar fight with those women or a scuffle in the church parking lot because they would kick your ___ (lol)  but just the same I got sucker punched by someone that looked like Barbie and all I could think about was my beautiful teeth and my cute face. Iím supposed to be all tomboy like and with my androgen wash, It should occurred to me to punch her really hard but all I said,"Was not the face." Iím a wuss and what a bad representation I would be in those CAH articles.     

Hence, the reason for my post that was to bring out the point that may with CAH arenít Tomboyish and that isnít brought out in the articles /studies about CAH. All these experts write that someone with CAH may be male orientated and well no Iím not like that and Iíve often wondered why Iím not like that. Iím not frustrated but rather Iíve had a ball with this my whole life but I get curious about others with CAH and or parents and their views on this many other subjects and thus my post on a CAH board about how someone with CAH is portrayed in articles/studies or TV Shows. 

My post was about how someone with CAH has these specific labels put on them by experts and I wanted to express my feeling about those labels that are associated with CAH and how those labels irk me. Plus, at times this has caused to a degree difficult times with doctors/nurses because from those studies that they read, they have a certain idea how someone with CAH should be and try to relate to me accordingly until they realize that Iím not specific of those studies. For example, Iím not a lesbian or bi-sexual and yes , there are women with CAH that donít fit these two categories. Iím sorry that I Like men and I can help it ...I was just born this way.  Also, from the parents post you can see that their kids are very well rounded in what they like and identify with but the articles only stress the male orientation and gender which is false and makes someone with CAH appear one dimensional.

By the way, Iím not an intersexed person either. In my medical records from the decade of disco : ) the term Pseudo-hermaphrodite was used to describe what my genitals looked like and also the word ambiguous was too. Intersex or Pseudo-hermaphrodite  isnít the person that I am but rather a description of a body part due to the medical condition of 11- Hydroxylase Deficiency Simple-Virilizing Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.  I was born with only female chromosomes and only female internal sex organs. Intersex describes  physically what happened to my external genitals because my adrenal gland lacked the ability to make cortisol to suppress excessive androgens and cortisol is also needed in times of physical stress. The intersex characteristics were corrected with surgery to allow my period to pass through.  Taking hydrocortisone corrects this genetic condition much like a diabetic takes insulin. You donít call someone born with a cleft -palette a "cleft-palette person" do you? Or someone born with a deformed hand a "deformed hand person?" Only one out of eight girls with CAH have ambiguous characteristics anyway and the men with CAH donít have ambiguous genitals but I just want to add that some people with CAH or other conditions might call themselves an intersex person regardless but the majority of people fit into male or female and itís cool. Most women with CAH have kids, families, and careers with the genital part being something that was corrected in childhood much like someone would have a heart,   leg or jaw condition corrected.

Jessie, you wrote something like I should be more sensitive than this. Why do you feel someone like me should be more sensitive? Just because someone has any type of condition doesnít mean that they are going to be sweet and nice all the time if they are at all. We get annoyed or ticked off with the world just as much as anyone else. Personally,  I never wanted to be part of the majority whatever the majority is deemed to be : ) but rather be uniquely me, myself, and I. When I do this the majority smiles and gives me a thumbs up even if they do scare me a little bit (I just couldnít help that lol forgive me )

You donít have CAH or any intersex condition or any medical condition I gather and it seems as a "normal" person you were scolding me "the defect" for having my own views. You must have pity on me "the defect" but surprise I fit into the majority "group" that I belong to and life is beautiful. Did you somehow think that being born with CAH makes you a sorry individual? Having CAH makes you a fighter in this world and I didnít go to college to be a part of the majority but rather to manage the majority. 

Best Wishes,



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