Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Oct. 1st, 2004   9:49am

I really enjoyed reading your comments, Aimee.  It’s great to hear from such a positive CAH person.  Ever since my daughter was born, I have heard  about CAH girls being more likely to be gay/bi-sexual (not that would be a big issue as it takes all sorts to make the world go round), more prone to play with boys toys, problems of infertility, problems with relationships with the opposite sex, etc.  I know lots more about the condition now, but I must admit, before I was ’educated’ on the matter, all those things did paint a gloomy picture for my child.  It’s good to hear that my child’s internal anatomy is the same as any other womans and not all mixed up as I initially thought when the diagnosis was first given.  

At the moment my child is just like any other little girl.  She knows she has to take medication but other than that, she doesn’t feel any different.  She has lots of friends - boys and girls and mixes well with both, and is a happy-go-lucky child with no worries.  None of her friends at school make her feel different just because she has to have her tablets.  In fact, she is very popular at school.  I hope she will grow into a happy adult who will be content with who she is, without society making her feel strange or freaky.  That is my big wish.  Thank you for your personal experiences.


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