Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: re: re: stem cell research
Oct. 23rd, 2004   6:29pm

Danny, I understand what you are saying and respect your views.  I can, however, tell you that as a practicing Catholic who is very strong in her Christian views, I definitely have issues with some of the teachings of the Church.

As a practicing Southern Baptist, I have no problem with that aspect of your denominationís stance on that issue.

  Remember, every statement by the Church is not made "ex cathedra".  Many statements are simply the belief or opinion of a man (human) of the Church.

That wasnít my point. I personally donít believe anything anyone in the Roman Catholic church says is directly from the mouth of God -- but I do agree with them on this issue.

  I also believe that no one should impose their religious beliefs on someone else and as far as  our government goes, laws should be based on the Constitution and not anyoneís religion. 

Which was also my point. If the research being done on murdered humans, then those who oppose such barbarism will be forced to either reject the medical advances that come from it or violate their religion -- in other words someone elseís religious views will be forced on them.

After all, our country was founded on a complete separation of Church and State

No, thatís a myth. One of the founding principles was the freedom of religion. Thomas Jefferson (who had no part in writing the Constitution) used the term "wall of separation" in order to assure a local church that the Constitution would prevent the government from meddling in the affairs of religion. No Founding Father ever espoused the principle that religious faith should be separate from a citizenís political activities or choices. Such a concept would not only have been alien to them, they would have strenuously opposed it.

 - and thank goodness because that means we live in a country where we can believe and practice whatever religion we choose - or no religion at all if that is someoneís choice.  

No, we donít. We live in a country that has "prayer free" zones around abortion clinics, that bans religious speech from public places, and punishes churches that endorse Conservative political issues, while allowing churches who use their pulpits to preach Liberal politics free reign. Thatís not religious freedom.

I definitely do not want someone quoting my religion as a basis of how anyone should vote in this upcoming election.  Iíd rather have the quote the Constitution.

If a personís morality is based in their faith (as most are) then why would you want them to abandon their morality when making decisions about how the government should be run?

Danny Carlton

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