Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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So many deep injuries, bruises and fragile skin. Main Archives PageLOCAH Archives for 2005
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So many deep injuries, bruises and fragile skin.
Jan. 19th, 2005   8:48pm

Iíve been on 0.5 mg of dexa. for ten years, before that it was .75mg when I saw a different endocrinologist. I have had injuries to my leg almost as deep as my tibea. I go to a wound care center for nine months at a time where I canít take a shower or get my leg near water in order for it to heal. THere were times I could have lost part of my leg. My tissues seem to explode witht he smallest bump. I wear shingaurds when out in public.

My endo. sees this to be just a way of life. My clotting has become worse and today I brushed up against a box and I have a four inch gash in my leg. I donít know where to turn. I have other medical problems and am on eleven meds. but I just want to have such severe injuries to stop. It is not that Iím clumsy. I am constantly alert. I cut my activities down for fear of injury. Iíve had one adrenal gland removed in 1984.

Does anyone know of someone in the US or Canada who specializes in CAH adult onset? Here I sit, with pressure on my injury and back to the wound care center again!!!!!


Thanks in advance. I live in Southern New Jersey.

Sarah Ann



Sarah Ann

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