Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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8 year old daughter diagnosed. Mood swings gone!
Jan. 30th, 2005   1:31pm

My daughter was diagnosed with LOCAH a month ago.  She had been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in April 04 and we thought that we had finally solved her medical puzzle.  For almost two year she had been experiencing premature puberty, head aches, stomach aches, and mood swings to name a few.  Her pediatrician (whom I’ve since stopped going to!) basically blew off her symptoms saying that girls are maturing earlier.  Her mood swings and focus problems had become so severe that we could barely get through her homework at night.  She’s a really bright kid and would tell me that something was wrong but we just couldn’t figure out what.  She would keep it together at school and fall apart at home.  My husband and I were starting to feel like we must be bad parents because morning and night our home seemed to turn into a battle ground with our daughter.  I often wondered if she had ADHD.  My gut kept telling that something was wrong.

She was already seeing an endocrinologist due to her thyroid and when her symptoms did not disappear with the thyroid treatment, he decided to test her for LOCAH.  Thank goodness he did!  I got my sweet girl back!   I never thought that I would be so thrilled that my daughter would be diagnosed with a condition.  I am so grateful for an answer to her problems.  She tells me that she doesn’t feel angry inside anymore.  Her headaches and stomach aches are gone.  Her body odor is gone.  She is a happy, healthy little girl.  And her mom couldn’t be happier!

Sorry for the ramble.  A couple questions.  Has anyone else experienced thyroid problems and/or recurrent sinus infections with LOCAH?  If levels are monitored and medication adjusted accordingly, will her symptoms stay in check?  Has anyone else experienced dramatic results from treatment?

Thanks in advance,



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