Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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New to board - donít know if I have LOCAH
Jul. 14th, 2005   3:11pm

Hi everyone-

I have been reading this forum for awhile and have fought with myself about posting because I still donít know if I have it or not.  I didnít want to impose on the board if it winds up I donít have it, but I wanted to see what others think about my symptoms.  Here goes:

I am a 24 year old female that has dealt w/ hirsuitism since I was about 15.  Granted I am not overly hairy all over my body, but I do have extremely coarse black hair on my face (sideburns, cheeks, jawline, chin, & throat).  I finally spoke about this problem with my family & live-in boyfriend this year because I was too embarrassed to even except the hair (I hide it very well).  I didnít know until recently (doing searches for laser hair removal) that having male pattern hair growth could be a medical problem.  So from there I talked to my GYN about the hair and he ordered bloodwork to check for PCOS ...donít have it.  Then I made him run more bloodwork on my hormones (testosterone, andogens, 17 OH , blah blah) to my surpise everything was normal.  Now he suggest to me that it is most likely idiopathic... not the answer I wanted.  So I dug deeper.  I put all my symptoms I have had all my life together and found LOCAH. 

When I was a baby I had horrendous body odor (I made people gag) (my parents asked my doctor he said it would pass) and I produced body hair (pubic and armpit) very very young.  I canít even tell you how long  I have been shaving my pits.  I knew how to use a razor before I learned to read... ok a little exagerated.  I grew out of the odor and started developing like a normal little girl should except I was constantly at the doctors for chronic tonsil infections.  Oh yeah I also had pneoumonia at 2 years old.  Then puberty hit, I got my period in 7th grade (yes thatís normal), but I would get it every 40-55 days or so.  Thatís considered irregular.  Then dark arm hair grew then spots of black hair on my face grew.  From then on still have chronic tonsil infections, constantly get abnormal paps (but normal colposcopies) and I have no energy considering I am 24 and not overweight (I have a very healthy shape to me except a bit more muscular than most girls, so is my mom though).  So I told my parents about how I hink I have this (from all my symptoms) and since my dad has Addisonís disease it is more than likely a possibility.  We called his endo and he squeezed me in next Friday (he must have been alarmed a bit cause he isnít taking new patients til September).  He wants me to bring my bloodwork because even though my GYN thinks my levels are normal he may not. I personally have a few red flags regarding my results, but Iím not a doctor.

Iím sorry for this post being  so long, but I was wondering what others think about my symptoms.  It has been a very frustrating life with being very diligant about going to the doctors my whole life and them always telling me everything is fine even though I always felt there was something wrong.  I am also annoyed that I have to be my own doctor.  People arenít supposed to be healthy and have chronic infections.  Doctorsí answers to me were hereí s an antibiotic; well I have grown immune to most of them... so they are useless.  Years back I stopped taking them because they would clear up my throat infection and give me a wonderful yeast infection...forget that. I íll deal with my tonsil infection.

Thanks for reading my rant.



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