Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: re: New to board - donít know if I have LOCAH
Jul. 14th, 2005   3:53pm

Iím sorry for doing this again, but I also had the chicken pox twice both really bad.  I was little the first time I got them, but last December I had gotten them again.  Yep I was 23 with the chicken pox.  I also canít stay warm; I get cold (goosebumps shivering cold) in 70 degree weather.  Unless it is 90+ I am not happy.  Anyone else?  I feel like a mess; had some depression problems at 15 now as I get older I am having anxiety problems ontop of the fact I am a bit obsessive compulsive.  Sometimes I hate life.

Thanks, Maggie


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