Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: re: New to board - donít know if I have LOCAH
Jul. 18th, 2005   4:51pm

Luckily the endo I will be going to on Friday is excellent; he saved my fatherís life (when he went into a crisis) by diagnosing him with Addisonís.  I atleast have total confidence in him.  So weíll see if he can provide me with some answers.  I still laugh at the time I had gotten a pap smear and when I called up to get the results (after having 2 other abnormal paps) they told me that there was "just something funky going on".   Which meant they had know idea what was wrong with me and didnít seem to care to send me for more tests or refer me somewhere else.  Doctors drive me nuts sometimes.  Or the time I went to my GP for a back pain (trying to get a referral to go to a specialist or some pain relief) and she refused to do anything for me because I had recently gone off the pill and my periods were back to being irregular.  She wouldnít take my word for not being pregnant and instead ordered bloodwork for me and made me wait 3 painful days for the results to prove I wasnít pregnant.  I decided then on I wasnít gonna go off the pill again, if it meant more headaches.  What I should have done was go into the rite-aid next door and get a home pregnancy test and shove the negative results in her face.  I honestly think she didnít feel like giving me a check-up, so I made sure the nurses put in black marker on the front of my file (in big writing) " Will not see Dr. so and so."

Gotta laugh!!


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