Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Can I have CAH or LOCAH
Oct. 29th, 2005   8:13pm

I am new and was very depressed and I found this is a great forum which gave me some hope. Just wanted to get an idea, I have corse hair on my face and legs(not thighs) and irregular periods..i.e instead of regular 28 days cycle I have at 35 to 40 days or sometime it is 60 days. My Puberty was at normal age of 12. When I was 2yrs I had reaction from cortizone, side effects were hair on my hands suddenly grew after having cortizone for a month and doctor said it is recation from cortizon an that should not be prescribed to me as my mother also is hairy(corse hair on upperlips, chin and legs). My parents thinks that the corse hair that I have on my face is due to that. Now at 29 My gen. physican sent me to endrocologist. She did physical exam and blood work, in my blood work DHEA SO4 was high (473 normal range 99 - 340) but once it was 314 when my Gen. Phy did, and DHEA was 27 instead of (1.9 - 7.6) so she sent me for ACTH and CT scan since My ultrasound showed one of my overy was enlarged. CT scan was mormal and 17-OHP was 148 as baseline and 512 post simulation. My endrocologist said that since CT scan is normal she suspect my adrenal glands are weak and asked me to take Predizone for a month and she will again do the blood test to see if it is ok. She never mentioned about CAH or LOCAH. Since she was also not sure about the problem and as steriods have side effects I din’t go for predizone. It was then when I again visited my  gen. physican and he enquired me and when I told him I did not take that medication he said I should have as I may be infertile and may have LOCAH though he was not sure as he din’t have the report. He asked me to visit Endrocologist again..I was so depressed by knowing that I may be infertile and cannot concieve. But this site gave me some hope. I will go to endrocologist for confirmation but just wanted know if you guys feel that I have CAH or LOCAH.

Thanks in advance.


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