Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Nov. 4th, 2005   3:22pm

I think with my daughter, she was always slim - not skinny but slim.  She eats very well for a kid - a half a turkey sandwhich on whole wheat and low-fat chocolate milk for lunch everyday!  My niece also was diagnosed with insulin resistance and PCO but she also had some kind of diabetic condition.  She doesn’t eat nearly as well as my daughter - lots of french fries, 2 cokes with dinner at a restaurant, etc.  - the normal American diet.  So I think they probably have the same lousy gene but my daughter isn’t as severely affected because of her lifestyle.

About the study - maybe the insulin resistance caused the girls to gain the weight.

But our daughters have to be very careful about lifestyle.  PCO is nasty - can cause early heart disease, obesity, infertility,  cancer, just about any bad thing you can think of.  Luckily my daughter is vain (not anorexic but vain!) and doesn’t want to get fat.



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