Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Dec. 9th, 2005   10:10am
 Hi and thank you everyone for the congrats, I hope that these next critical couple of weeks go well.  Dr New did the DNA anaylysis and sent back a report telling me that my husband was not a carrier and that I need to switch from DEX to Hydrocortisone 10 mg BID.  I am not sure why they choose that amount?  I think maybe it is based on weight?  They do know my weight so maybe thats where that is coming from.  To get pregnant, I was taking 10 mg of prednisone at bedtime and 1500 mg of Metformin.  Endo wants me to continue with Metformin until we see a heartbeat. It is critical that a pregnant mother monitor her adrenals and that is why they are having take the hydrocortisone....not for cosmetic reasons or other LOCAH symptoms.  Does anyone have any experience with Hydrocortisone?

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