Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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re: re: Can I have CAH or LOCAH
Jan. 5th, 2006   7:03am
I am in the process of being tested for locah. I started hair growth early, had my period at 10, had intervals of regular and irregular periods, but now they are regular. I had absolutely no problem getting pregnant (have 2 girls). My oldest is following in my foot steps--early adrenarche (pubic hair growth), period at 10 & is extremely hairy and has acne.  She has been tested and all labs came back normal. 1998 I was tested all levels were normal althought they never tested anything related to my adrenal glands. Last year my testosterone went up to 77 (I guess normal range goes up to 75--I used to be 37). I got tested again--(previous tests never tested the 17 oh progesterone levels) & this most recent round of tests showed heightened levels of lh which signal pcos, but I was ovulating most likely so it may not be high. My 17-oh progesterone was 229, but again I was ovulating. Has anyone else had similar lab results? I just had the hormone stimulation test (draw blood, give med, draw blood & draw blood one half hour later) and am waiting those results. Just curious if anyone has had similar labs. I am very nervous and anxious to figure this out. I feel very guilty that I could have passed this on to my daughters. 

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