re: Medication My daughter is on, Is it right?
Nov. 29th, 2003   4:56pm

Hi Laura,

Cody is 7 yrs old with SWCAH and is taking cortef and florinef since birth. Our endo is very involved. But, if its a common cold, flu, fever etc. any symptom of a crisis that a CAH have I call the ped. take him in and if necessary double or triple his cortef - I never double or triple the florinef. So, heres my routine I follow from my endo that has been with  Cody since birth and is great. 1st I call ped., double, or triple cortef only if needed.  2nd I call endo to let her know everytime I double or triple and if she wants to see him she lets me know.  She works with the ped. Make sure you give your ped. all the info he/she needs for the CAH and works with the endo at all times. Mine send letters back & forth each time one of the Drs. see Cody and it has worked wonderful. If I take Cody in ER for a severe problem like when he broke his wrist I always call my endo and she is there. I hope I have made sense and have helped you. Others may do it differently.





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