CAH psychological impact
Nov. 29th, 2003   10:30pm
I have a very severe case of CAH and i’m tired of living in a world full of people/creatures unlike myself.  I can not take it anymore, i was raised in a very strict+abusive mormon home, told sex was evil and wrong all throughout my early development stages. Then at age 14 through to 17 nearly ruining my bladder completely from sex, unknowingly. Plus being lonely as [expletive deleted] all at age 18 . There is no cure for you, why feel you must have hope? You will never fit in, your children will become homosexual and you will never know what being ’just a kid’ is like. It is only the mother’s hope with encouragement when she tells her children they are fine, but soon they will discover the awful truth and that you, nor science nor even GOD can help them now. People (especially females) born with CAH are alone, a ridiculous mockary of human form created by the Alpha Omega loving God and horny parents without contraception. None the less I know you will brush this off as chaotic and cruel but later in life you will seek the medical advice about the possibility for your children being born CAH-free. Doctor’s will give you all sorts of technical jibber jabber, but when it really comes down to it they should be sharing the same advice as i give you now, ’where a condom , freak.’
Alicia Moore
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