re: re: re: re: CAH psychological impact
Dec. 1st, 2003   3:09pm
Danny raves are not horrible pits of  rebellion. I do go to alot of them and have alot of fun. They are not as bad as people think they are. Anyways, Iím getting tired of this moral debate I do not want to be told everything is alright and itíll all go away with more pills to sedate my emotions. Yes Tricia I do believe in questioning doctorine, in fact i have read several items of literature that have helped me expand my circle of beliefs. I enjoy science because of itís straight forward logic and proof of facts. Prehaps you are correct and I will one day realise I do need to accept myself for what is on the inside, but upon closer examination the interior of my being is far more ugly then my outer shell could ever hope to become. Nevertheless prehaps one day.... but that day is not today. So I bid you farewell,  may you enjoy your scabs and scars.
Alicia Moore
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