re: EMTs, "Flagging" a child, etc. -- esp MO info, please?
Aug. 1st, 2005   4:47pm

Hi Jen,

I live in St. Peters. Our EMTís here will give Olivia an injection and transport to the appropriate hospital.  It all depends upon the situation. It might be Childrenís or Cardinal Glennon (where our ped endo is) or any of the hospitals in between.

The only time they would be required to give an injection is if something happens at daycare -- daycare will keep the emergency kit, but will not give an injection (EMTís are 2 miles away).

Our EMTís donít keep anything Solu-Cortef or -Medrol on hand, but legally they can give the injection. Since Olivia has been a baby (she is now 6.5 and in 1st grade!) where ever she is, there is also her med kit. In her med kit I have cortef, a pill spliter, syringes, dex, alcohol pads, gauze and band-aids. So the fact that they donít carry anything is a non-issue for me.

As a side note, if she is with me, I will give the injection; at school, the school nurse will; baby-sitters (for the most part) are instructed to call 911.

Is this what you are interested in?

Warm regrads,


Mom to Olivia (6-CAH), Ruthie (4), Luke (2-BLCP)

Janet D
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